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Fri. Jan 22nd 2021
WHVFD has two new Recruitment and Retention videos. They can both be found under Videos on the Home page. WHVFD prides itself on being an Inclusive and Diverse Volunteer Fire Department. We can use...
Tue. Jul 14th 2020
achieved our goal of an 8 Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating, which will
provide for decreased insurance rates for homeowners and more funding for our
volunteer fire dept.
What else do...
Wed. Jun 10th 2020
Wild Horse VFD will take delivery of this new HME 3000 gallon water tender sometime next week. Sold by Firefighter Trucks, Inc. of Las Cruses, NM. This $306,383 tender was acquired from a $100,000 NM ...
Sat. May 16th 2020
Wild Horse Fire Department had 3 fire trucks out this morning in the Wild Horse Ranch Subdivision. In 3 hours time, these fire trucks were almost hit 4 times by careless drivers! The Wild Horse fire u...


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Operations and Support Divisions


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 Volunteer Fire Dept.

For whatever reason, the image of fire departments is such that many people believe the only job responsibility of fire fighters is to extinguish fires. The reality is fire departments have evolved so that they provide a wide variety of services, both emergency and non-emergency.  Wild Horse Volunteer Fire Department provides the following emergency and non-emergency services to our Community:

Fire Suppression for Structure Fires, Vehicle Fires, and Wildland Fires

Structure Protection during Wildland Fires

1st Aid, CPR, and use of  Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s)

Landing Zone Assistance to Medical Helicopters

Assistance to Pie Town EMS and Local and State Law Enforcement

Basic Hazardous Materials Response

Special Rescue Situations like Swift Water Rescue

Fire Prevention Activities

Evacuation of Public during Emergencies











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