News Headlines
Mon. Oct 7th 2019
Wild Horse Volunteer Fire Dept. can call for and assist with the landing of a medical helicopter at the designated landing zone, just north of the fire Dept. The medical helicopter will be here within...
Mon. Aug 12th 2019
BLM burning in Tank Canyon area today. This can be seen along Webb Ranch Rd. Wild Horse VFD was paged out by the Catron County Sheriff's Office today, after a resident called it in as a wildland f...
Sun. Jan 27th 2019
Joining the ranks of the 800,000 American Volunteer Fire Fighters, puts you in an incredible community. Many people just see firefighting from the aspect of responding to fires on big, shiny fire engi...
Thu. Nov 15th 2018
Wild Horse Ranch VFD has been awarded a $100,000 Grant from the State Fire Marshal - Fire Grant Council. This Grant was written to be used in conjunction with a State loan for a new "2019" ...
Sat. Sep 15th 2018
The New Vehicle Operation, Qualifications, Training and Standard Operating Guidelines has been updated with all the current requirements from the State, County and Insurance Company. Please review, a...





Wild Horse Volunteer Fire Department Mission Statement


To respond in a safe manner to all reported emergencies in the community of the Wild Horse Ranch Subdivision and the mutual aid areas.

To help residents of the Wild Horse Ranch Subdivision deal with natural and man-made emergencies.

And with the resources available and with the utmost regard for the safety of the members of the department, work to the best of its abilities to limit the loss of life, the environment, and property.

In carrying out this Mission, the Wild Horse Volunteer Fire Department will:

Give top priority to fire fighter safety; encourage the professional and personal development of our members; work as teams to take full advantage of our knowledge, skills, and creativity; and communicate openly and honestly to our members and community to inspire trust and confidence.

Community Services Provided by the Wild Horse Volunteer Fire Dept.

For whatever reason, the image of fire departments is such that many people believe the only job responsibility of fire fighters is to extinguish fires. The reality is fire departments have evolved so that they provide a wide variety of services, both emergency and non-emergency.  Wild Horse Volunteer Fire Department provides the following emergency and non-emergency services to our Community:

Fire Suppression for Structure Fires, Vehicle Fires, and Wildland Fires

Structure Protection during Wildland Fires

1st Aid, CPR, and use of  Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s)

Landing Zone Assistance to Medical Helicopters

Assistance to Pie Town EMS/Fire and Local and State Law Enforcement

Basic Hazardous Materials Response

Special Rescue Situations like Swift Water Rescue

Fire Prevention Activities

Fire and Arson Investigation

Public Fire Safety Education

Evacuation of Public during Emergencies











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